Your Adventure Calls

    • Account Manager

    As an Account Manager at Synergy Management, you will have to keep the customer – and the agency satisfied. Your job will include Qualify and Disqualify future clients, Creating Personal Relationships and assisting installations. Apart from this, you have to monitor and analyze market trends.
    Your key role is to ensure that client needs are recognized and satisfied. Your other tasks will be developing and managing client relationships, collecting information, and ensuring that company offerings meet the individual needs of clients.

    If you have everything that it takes to be an Account Manager, then send in your resumé to Apply Now.

    • Corporate Trainer

    As a Corporate Trainer, you will be responsible for increasing a company’s productivity by teaching new skills and knowledge to employees. You will have to collaborate with upper management to prepare and present training manuals. Your other responsibility will be implementing effective training to help the team achieve company goals and procedures.

    If you possess what it takes to be a Corporate Trainer, then send in your resumé to Apply Now

    • Assistant Manager

    Assistant Managers are just as important as Branch Managers in our company. Assistant Managers have a lot of responsibilities and duties, like ensuring all organizational policies and procedures are being followed. The Assistant Manager also needs to assist and oversee the Account Management team

    The Assistant Manager will be a part of hiring, training, and developing new employees. You will take part in weekly sales and wage targets. You will also have to make sure that all the staff is well-informed of the client service rules and deals with complaints, ensuring that issues are resolved without escalating or losing a client.

    If you have everything that it takes to be an Assistant Manager, then send in your resumé to Apply Now.

    • Branch Manager

    As a Branch Manager, your job role will involve overseeing daily office activities, Running morning meetings, participating in conference calls with other managers. You need to have a good leadership quality so that your team will be happy working under you. The branch manager will have to develop and promote new deserving managers and also encourage others to perform better. Apart from this, the branch manager must have excellent control over both the client and the team.

    If you have all that takes to be a Branch Manager, send-in your resumé to Apply Now and we will get in touch with you!

    • Coaching

    When you join us, you can be sure of exploring and learning new things every day. As a new associate, you will undergo a coaching culture that will enhance and nurture your abilities. Usually, this coaching is conducted by managers who will encourage you to learn new skills and become an asset to the company.

    • Training

    At Synergy Management, recognition doesn’t just come from what position you hold in an organization; we take great joy in all our colleagues’ achievements as much as we do our own. An investment in training and development is an investment in our people and our clients, so we don’t compromise. Be it e-courses or new manager training programs, our team’s learning and development are our priorities.

    • Team

    Teamwork is essential in any organization; it builds a system when one team member falls behind; another one picks up the pieces. At Synergy Management, we encourage teamwork segregating the work among members of a team. This way, the job gets done faster, and team members get an opportunity to built a rapport with one another. Our team has developed a sense of comradery as they work toward a common goal.
    When you work with us, you will realize that our team members will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and be there to help you out.

    • Development

    Additionally, through various professional events, we encourage our employees to interact with influential and well-known personalities in the businesses. Such engagement will not only improve their knowledge but will also help them establish their professional profiles in the community and industry.

    • Travel Perks

    Synergy Management offers you many travel occasions, be it regional training or exotic retreats. Based on your performance, we will reward you with travel opportunities, and all your expenses will be taken care of by us. It is our way of appreciating the work of our associates.